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[Andromeda Perseus] Whittaker, G. & W. $250.00
[Brass & Cast Iron Orrery] PHILIP, G & SON $6,500.00
[Untitled world map, north polar projection] SCHERER, Heinrich $800.00
{celestial hemispheres} MALLET, A.M. $180.00
A Large Chart of Downes MOUNT & PAGE $200.00
A Map of Scotland DURY, Andrew $160.00
a Map of the Tennassee Government formerly Part of North Carolina REID, John $800.00
A New & Accurate Map of Negroland and Adjacent Countries, also Upper Guinea, shewing the Principle European Settlemnets... BOWEN, Emmanuel $500.00
A New Chart of the Newcastle Trade Describing the Sea Coast of England from the South Foreland to Newcastle MOUNT & PAGE $250.00
A New Map of Cambridgeshire, divided into Hundreds exhibiting its Roads, Rivers, Parks &c. CARY, J. $160.00
A New Map of Huntingdonshire, Divided into hundreds1801 CARY, J. $120.00
A New Map of Moscovy from the latest observations SENEX $100.00
A nNew Map of Westmoreland, Divided into Wards, Exhibiting Its Roads, Rivers, Parks &c. 1801 CARY, J. $120.00
Abissinorum sive Pretiosi Ioannis Imperium. JANSSON $280.00
Africa MinorNuova Tavola RUSCELLI, G. $300.00
Africae Tabula Nova ORTELIUS, A. $2,500.00
America MAGINI, G. $800.00
America Meridionalis MERCATOR, G./HONDIUS, J. $350.00
America sive India Nova... MERCATOR, G./HONDIUS, J. $5,000.00
Americae Pars Quinta... DE BRY, T. $250.00
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