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A Correct Draught of the North Pole... BOWEN, Emmanuel $500.00
A Map of the Icy Seas in which the several Communications with the Land's Waters and other new Discoveries are exhibited GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE $250.00
America Settentrionale Inglese e Russa Groeland, Islanda...Nord-West ...Capitano Mac-Clure nel 1853 MARZOLLA, B. $350.00
Carta General del Polo Artico MARZOLLA, B. $450.00
Carte Des Pais Habites par Les Samojedes et Ostiacs BELLIN, J.N. $90.00
Carte du Detroit de Waigats ou de Nassau...Voyages...1758 BELLIN, J.N. $60.00
Carte du Spits-Berg Suivant les Hollandois BELLIN, J.N. $120.00
Carte Générale des Découvertes de l'Amiral de Fonte representant la grande probabilité d'un Passage au Nord Ouest par Thomas Jefferys... DE VAUGONDY, R. $250.00
Carte Magnetique des deux Hemispheres TARDEAU $200.00
Chart of Shalaurof's Voyage KITCHIN $145.00
Chart of the NorthWest Expedition GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE $65.00
Chart Showing the different Courses steered by His Majestys Sloop RACEHOURSE From July 3 to August 29 and Spitsbergen or New Greenland ANONYMOUS $180.00
Chica sive Patagonica et Australis Terra METELLUS, J.N. $4,500.00
Continent Arctique MALLET, A.M. $150.00
Continent Meridional Austral ou Antarctique MALLET, A.M. $125.00
Continent Septentrionale [and] Continent Meridional MALLET, A.M. $225.00
Facies Poli Artici adiacentiumque ei regionum ex recentissimis itirnerariis delineata cura Christophori Weigelii, Norib Nuremberg WEIGEL, Christoph $900.00
Farthest North Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the ship "Fram" 1893 - 96... NANSEN, Dr. Fridtjof $400.00
Groenlande MALLET, A.M. $125.00
Hemisphere Septentrional pour Voir Plus Distinctement les Terres Arctiques ... DE L'ISLE, G. $400.00
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